2012 MESH01 Designer of the Year

In 2012 we want to make Designer of the Year even bigger by awarding cash or product prizes to the top 3 designers in 2012.  We will also be awarding a winner at the end of each quarter.

Some of you may be aware of the current points system where the top 8 designers in a competition receive points.  In 2012 we will be expanding our point system to also include designers who contribute content for our blog or are particularly helpful in the forums.

Point System

-       Top 8 designers in a competition earn points for their submissions

  • 1st        1000 pts
  • 2nd          800 pts
  • 3rd          600 pts
  • 4th          400 pts
  • 5th          300 pts
  • 6th          200 pts
  • 7th          100 pts
  • 8th             50 pts

-       200pts for user provided content that we run (blogs, Education, etc..)

  • If you have content that you think would be of interest to the community, submit it by emailing nickh@mesh01.com

-       20 pts for a forum post that we find particularly helpful (will be rewarded at our discretion)


Designer of the year will be awarded to the designer who accumulates the most points from competitions that end in 2012.   Q1 winner will be the designer who accumulates the most points between January 1st and March 31.  Q1 winner will receive $500.

We are interested in giving a way prizes other than just cash.  If you would like to recommend a prize other than cash that we could consider for either Designer of the year or our quarterly winner, you can suggest it here