And the Core77 & MESH01 Co-Sponsorship Scholarship Winner is…

Congratulations to Edmund for winning a scholarship to study at the Footwear Dedicated Design Program at the University of Oregon this summer!

Edmund graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a B.F.A. in Industrial Design in May 2009.

MESH01: How did you find out about MESH01, Core77 and the No.2 Foundation?

Edmund: I found out about Mesh01 and No.2 Foundation through D’wayne Edwards. I asked him about a design competition I was interested in but I didn’t qualify for it. D’wayne told me to check out the MESH01 website. In college, students and teachers recommended that we should put our portfolios on the Core77 site so the design community can see our work.

MESH01: Had you entered design/ portfolio competitions before?

Edmund: I have entered design/portfolio competitions a few times. In high school, I entered my work in the Scholastic Art Competition I earned certificates, silvers, golds and a five of five on my portfolio.

MESH01: When did you first start designing? Have you always been interested in footwear design?

Edmund: When I was younger, I remember drawing Ninja Turtles and Garfield. In high school, I designed varsity jackets and tattoos for a lot of people. But the day I went to college, I really found out what design was all about. I always bought shoes because an attraction I had for them, but it did not even come to my attention that someone designed them until college. Transportation design was what I  planned on focusing on in college, but I was not selected into the program. At the time it wasn’t the best news I wanted to hear, but now I am over joyed that I was not selected, because I was introduced into footwear design which has given me many opportunities.

MESH01: What would you like to gain from attending the U of Oregon Design Summer Fellowship? Do you have any specific techniques that you would like to work on?

Edmund: I would like to increase my knowledge as a designer in the footwear field from beginning stages to production, networking skills, technical terms of the shoes, get a better understanding of materials and technologies.  I want to work on ways to break boundaries within footwear and presentation tips. I also want to learn some more rendering techniques by hand and on the computer.

MESH01: With professors such as D’wayne Edwards, Director of Design at Jordan, who are you excited to meet and why? Do you have any idols or mentors?

Edmund: I am excited to meet everyone who will be participating in the program. As an artist I look up to a lot of people mainly because  I know they have something special to offer and something they know or do that  I can apply to myself in life and designing. I am excited to reunite and hear all of the speakers. The entire Jordan Brand were mentors to me when I interned with them. D’wayne, Jason and Justin were my main mentors during my experience. I was inspired by Howard White and Kevin Carroll when I heard them speak as well.  I am excited to learn more from D’wayne Edwards, he has been my manager and mentor. To me D’wayne Edwards, is like a wizard or surgeon with a No.2 pencil. I say that because he knows his stuff.  His ideas are beautiful and from his pencil is where ideas are created with precision. So I definitely look up to him and appreciate him sharing his knowledge and time with me.

MESH01: How do you typically design? Pencil and paper or do you prefer a specific computer program?

Edmund: I love sketching. If I have a pencil, pen, marker and paper I can really crank out some sketches. When designing I feel free with paper but when it comes down to finalizing a project and making a presentation the computer is my best friend.

MESH01: What is your career goal?

Edmund: My main goal is to help inspire others. I want to continue to grow more and more everyday for both myself and others. I believe I was given the mind and gifts I have to help others. As an individual I want to grow enough to where I can create my own brand of greatness.

MESH01: How do you feel about social media and networking to promote yourself online as an artist?

Edmund: I appreciate it! It allows more possibilities for artist. Without online networking/ promotions I would not be able to attend this program.

MESh01: What advice would you give to someone about building their portfolio?

Edmund: Show your flavor and let your personality show in your work.

Congratulations Edmund! MESH01 is sure we will continue to see great things from you!