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Design Studio Live

Starting tonight you will have the opportunity to vote for the first winner of the ENKWSA Design Studio Live.  We thought we might get things kicked off by introducing you to the 6 designers who are competing live.  Do not forget to check in to the live feed at: to see the designers progress.  Voting for your favorite design will begin 8 PM (PST) August 8th and run until 10 AM (PST) August 9th.



From which designers / artists do you pull your greatest inspirations?

Off the top of my head…

For forms: Zaha Hadid, Chris Bangle, De Silva

For Automotive and Entertainment Design: Daniel Simons, Viktor Antonov, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête

For Ergonomics: Charles and Ray Eames and Henry Dreyfuss.

On a personal level: Mike Tsay from Honda Interior Design for helping me find my own design approach…. JP Schowalter (Honda Interior Designer) for my drawing techniques.

How do you see design’s role in society?

Design plays a huge role in society to me, because I believe that it is the only profession that directly pushes new ways of thinking to everyone in our society… Through out my experience in Industrial design serves the role of being middle person, the one who has to bring the Marketing, Management, Engineers and other specialist to the table to make definitive decisions to make things going forward… Currently, I hope that design will someday more directly influence policy and government.

It will however become more diversified and specialized in respects to the many different roles and needs needed in each industry.  The rise in user interfaces is obviously one of the largest changes with degrees like UX and Interaction Design further growing.  Medical design unfortunately from a few conferences that I have been to Design has to take a back seat in decision processes do to the need of specialists in FDA terminology, regulation, and procedures.



From which designers / artists do you pull your greatest inspirations?

Es dificil mencionar sólo algunos habiendo tantos y tan grandes diseñadores y artistas, sin embargo algunos
de mis favoritos en el ramo del diseño de calzado son por supuesto Eric Avar, Tinker Hatfield y Brian Foresta, y
artistas plásticos como Francisco Toledo, Bernardo Rosendo, Alejandro Colunga -quién por cierto diseña
zapatos increíbles-, Zaha Hadid tambien hace amazing things, Dalí, Klimt, Rietveld, Panton, Arad, Warhol,no
sé, hay muchisimos! Obviamente mi familia y amigos y la chica que me besa son una gran inspiración y
motivación para seguir moviendome.

It’s hard to name a few having so many great designers and artists, but some of my favorites in the field of
footwear design are of course Eric Avar, Tinker Hatfield and Brian Foresta, and artists like Francisco Toledo,
Bernardo Rosendo, Alejandro Colunga, who designs incredible shoes, Zaha Hadid also does amazing things,
Dali, Klimt, Rietveld, Panton, Arad, Warhol, I don’t know, there are a lot! Obviously my family and friends and
the girl who kisses me are a great inspiration and motivation to keep moving.

How do you see designs role in society?

Como diseñadores tenemos una responsabilidad enorme, necesitamos tomar conciencia del impacto que
genera los productos que hacemos, usar los recursos de nuestro planeta con responsabilidad y tener ética y
en base a principios como éstos, buscar el desarrollo de nuestras comunidades, pero un desarrollo

As designers we have a huge responsibility, we need to be conscious of the impact caused by the products we
make, use the resources of our planet with responsibility and be ethical and based on principles like these,
pursue the development of our communities, but a sustainable development.



From which designers / artists do you pull your greatest inspirations?

Turning on my iPod on and drifting away to my music is where I am able to find almost all of my inspiration.  Favorites include Radiohead, Fleet Foxes and Pickwick.

How do you see designs role in society?

This is a tough because this is a very broad question. Design controls the world we live in and can have both a positive and negative impact. Design can be as simple as a finger painting done in a first grade class, to a social media website that connects billions of people, to weapons that partake in violence and wars.



From which designers / artists do you pull your greatest inspirations?

I pull the majority of my inspirations from no specific place. If I see something I like, I decide to incorporate it. Of course, big names like Nike and Adidas always catch my eye, but I also go into names like Kate Spade to incorporate a wide range of ideas and designs. I tend to let fashion in movies and music culture influence me as well.

How do you see designs role in society?

Design has one of the greatest roles in society. Design influences the way people act, dress, how they move, work, and on and on. Design makes people, their actions, and places become their own. Design allows expression.



From which designers / artists do you pull your greatest inspirations?

Most of my success would not be possible if not for D’Wayne Edwards.  His story inspires me and If not for his desire to give back with starting Future Sole and Pensole I do not know where I would be today.  I may have pursued a career as a strength coach, who knows.  He inspires me to pay it forward.  I could list the work of all the successful designers I have had the pleasure of meeting but the inspiration I draw from them is not as much from their designs as it is from their approach to design.  Much of my inspiration comes from athletes.  I see them as artist in a way.  Especially to study the best at their sport.  The way they execute with precision and move so gracefully, it’s beautiful and inspiring.  And with shoes it is important to pay attention to that because in the end the design has to work in unison with the body.  The G.O.A.T. though for me is God.  Just look at all he created, truly amazing.  How can you not be inspired.

How do you see designs role in society?

Design is for the betterment of society.  Just think about a world with no design.  You would have to go back to the beginning of time.  Even the stone age has design.  As quality of design increases you could argue so does quality of life.  Design is a tool to be utilized to solve problems and create a better life for those affected. The impact of designing a shoe to improve performance may seem large but is really so small when compared to a product that can bring clean water or electricity to those without.
While I do love shoes I have come to realize that there is more to design than shoes and making money.  Thus, I would like to use footwear as a catalyst to create change for the greater good.



From which designers | artists do you pull your greatest inspirations?

First and foremost I have to thank Dwayne Edwards, Matt Rhodes, Suzette Henri, and Sean O. Williams. Without their advice and guidance, I know I wouldn’t be here right now. After that it’s really just all the guys around me right now. It’s all the other young designers that are also hungry to break into the footwear industry. It’s those people you learn from. You not only derive design inspiration from them, but you also get a bit of motivation. I know that if I’m not working to get better, one of those guys is.

How do you see design’s role in society?

Design’s role in society is a giant question. Design at its core is about enhancing people’s lives, but there is a financial side that cannot be ignored. Every product is on some level measured by its success in the market. While this may limit design in one way, I think that it actually puts the perfect amount of constraints on designers.  Market success depends on the faith of your consumer. If you can get them to believe in your message, they will follow you anywhere. This scenario forces designers to go out into the real world and find real problems. Finding these problems leads to great stories getting a chance to be told. These stories are in turn relatable to your consumer.  After all of this you end up with a product that is not only a market success, but it also points back to design’s core value of enhancing people’s lives.



MESH01 is in Las Vegas for the ENKWSA tradeshow August 7-9 as part of the Design Studio Live.  If you are in the neighborhood be sure to check us out.  Recently, I had the chance to catch up with David Kahan, President of ENK Footwear.  We talked about the footwear industry and changes at this year’s show.

You have been involved in the industry for a while now.  Can you tell us about your background in footwear?

I started working part time in the shoe department in Macys while in college then was recommended for the Buyer training program. Eventually I became a Footwear Buyer then moved onto the wholesale side. I spent most of my time on the athletic side of the industry, working my way up at Nike from a sales rep to a Regional Manager. Eventually I became Head of Reebok USA, responsible for all sales, marketing, and operations. After being acquired by Adidas, I moved over to manage the Rockport brand. My experience spans both athletic and “brown” shoe and has allowed me interaction with all distribution channels.

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the industry over the last few years?

The biggest change I’ve seen is the consolidation at retail. Fewer retailers now make up a significant portion of the market. Also the speed at which fashion is interpreted through the market – from Runway to Luxury boutiques to value chains is now happening almost instantaneously.

What are the most difficult issues facing the footwear industry today?

The most difficult issues revolve around the supply chain. The ability to get products from inception to consumer in a timely, cost efficient manner is critical.

How does the ENKWSA show help companies address these issues?

ENKWSA is the largest show in the USA focused on all elements of the footwear supply chain. We realized that the issues suppliers face is what is keeping them up at night so we dedicated our resources to creating an event that can meet their needs. ENKWSA is THE most inclusive show of its kind – all global sourcing bases are represented as well as a design resource like Mesh 01. Its a great show for anyone with design/product/marketing responsibilities to attend.

For those of us who have attended previous shows, what are some of the new things that we can expect to see, at ENKWSA this time around?

ENKWSA will be bigger and better than ever. The show will now encompass 2 exhibit halls, one dedicated to sourcing and the other dedicated to “fast” fashion. Our seminar series is filled with great information from industry leaders like Pantone, Lineapelle, Materials Connexion, and FDRA President, Matt Priest. In addition, Design Studio Live will create energy as we connect the dots between design, sourcing, and fast fashion. This is an exciting event for both retail Buyers as well as Product Marketing teams.

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to seeing you at the show. 

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ENKWSA Fast Fashion Design Studio Live


MESH01 is heading back to Las Vegas for the ENKWSA tradeshow August 7-9.  This time we are not going alone.  Six designers from the community will be coming with us to compete in the ENKWSA Design Studio “Live”.  It is looking to be a fantastic show.  If you are in the neighborhood be sure to check us out.

 I recently had the chance to catch up with David Dea the Director of Global Sourcing for ENKWSA.  We talked about “Fast Fashion”, the Design Studio “Live” and what designers can expect from the show.

A major theme at ENKWSA is “Fast Fashion”.  Can you tell us a little bit about “Fast Fashion”?

Fast Fashion within the footwear space is best described as trends that are designed and manufactured quickly and inexpensively to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current footwear styles at an affordable price.

How do you see Design’s role in the “Fast Fashion” process?

Design is “key” to Fast Fashion. Footwear companies in this category, pump out new designs on a weekly basis.

We are incredibly excited to be working with ENKWSA as part of the Design Studio Live, where 6 MESH01 designers will be competing live to design “Fast Fashion” Footwear.  Can you tell us about The Design Studio Live fits in with the show?

Design Studio Live on the ENKWSA show floor illustrates what we are all about. We are THE leader in Fast Fashion Footwear & Supply Chain Resources and we provide retailers and brands with a venue by which ideas and concepts can be brought to market.

What can designers expect from the Design Studio Live?

Designers @ Design Studio Live can expect to be seen by footwear industry professionals as well as industry press who will be voting for the best design based on these criteria.

Design | Trend | Manufacturability | Cost

Not only will the designers be competing for prizes but they will have access to hundreds of supply chain resources at their finger tips. This competition brings together interaction between hundreds of supply chain resources, designers and industry professionals.

What can designers expect from the ENKWSA show?

 Designers can expect ENKWSA to house hundreds of resources from around the globe, ranging from Leather, PU, Components, OEM factories and educational seminars given by industry experts. ENKWSA is THE place for designers to make their designs a reality, from concept to consumer. With our onsite MatchMaking, this will also allow designers to have a more focused experience when looking for new resources.

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks at the show.  It should be a fun one.

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MESH01 June Talent Show

In June we ran the first MESH01 Talent Show so that designers could show off some of their skills through new or existing work.  We where especially interested to see some of the design work outside of footwear.  The timeline was short, but you came through, the work is fantastic.  We wanted to take the chance to show off some of our favorite designs, but you can see all of the designs HERE.


 Sports Graphics by AK31

AK31 started off doing wallpapers but now he creates sports related promotional advertisements, mockups and physical package design.  His designs have been seen everywhere from celebrity athlete’s social media pages to DMX’s tour bus.  You can check out more of his work on:


 Stearman by Bewler

Bewler’s Stearman design is a modern watch that takes its styling cues from the vintage Boeing Stearman Biplane.  You can find more of Bewlers work, including other incredible watches and vehicle renderings, on:


 Femme by Skittles

Skittles designed and entire women’s fashion line including footwear and accessories.  The line was designed using colors and materials to affect a woman’s emotions and empower her.  See the entire line.


 “Rapido” Tri-Shorts Tag by JWaskowiak

JWaskowiak’s “Rapido” hangtag utilizes fantastic graphic design to display the products features.  A clever use of airplanes feature the “aerodynamic” rating of the fabric quality, and “peppers” symbolize the ventilation quality of the fabric.  See more of JWaskowiak’s work in his MESH01 portfolio


 Silent Warrior by Shashi

Shashi’s Silent Warrior aims to depict the power of the modern woman, her supremacy and compassionate nature.  Just as intriguing as the design is Shashi’s choice of eco-friendly materials, using scraps and waste along with organic and sustainable fabrics.  See more images of Shashi’s design


 Football Uniform by CharlesSollars

You may remember CharlesSollars’ football helmet designs from the blog post a few months ago.  Well he is still at it, creating killer uniforms; even customizing them to specific players while the NFL draft was taking place.  See his designs for nearly every college and pro football team here:


June’s Talent show was such a success so we are doing it again.  So if you have a project that you want to show off to the community be sure to register.  You only have a week and a half so dust off the portfolio and show us the design, new or old, that best demonstrates your talents.









Teaching the Footwear Designers of Tomorrow

A few weeks ago I had the extraordinary opportunity to talk with Ms. Newburger’s third grade class about being a footwear designer.  Let me tell you, if you ever need to be reminded how cool a career designing shoes is, go talk to third graders.

At first I was nervous about the idea.  I mean, I don’t really know how to teach a bunch of 8 year olds.  Luckily I was able to find several other designers who had previous experience with this.  Thanks to the Footwear Design Group on LinkedIn for your help. I would have been lost with out your suggestions.

When I finally met the class, I was blown away- they treated me like a rock star!  It took awhile to get started because each student had to know if I designed the shoes that they were wearing; I hadn’t :(   I broke the ice by first talking with the students about the sports that they play.  We talked about the movements involved in each sport and how those needs affect their footwear.  I then told them about the design process as I passed around lasts and taped up pullovers but they where most impressed by the skeleton foot.

Once the class had a good idea about the process we designed a running shoe together, which I drew for them on their electronic white board.  It turns out these things are very difficult to draw on.  Then it came time for the students to design their own shoes, some of which can be seen below.   Many of the students, even went so far as to and stitch lines and design their own logos, while others copied the Jumpman.

After about 20 minutes the kids each stood in front of the class and presented their designs.  If you are a children’s shoe designer start working on rainbow colors and glow in the dark shoes immediately.

Teaching the third grade class about shoe design was an incredibly rewarding experience.  It was great to see their creativity and to show the kids that design is a fun potential career path.  With any luck, maybe I inspired the next Tinker Hatfield.

If you have a design related story and would like to contribute to the MESH01 blog email

Visit to join the community and help design or wear test the next great sports / lifestyle products.

My PENSOLE Experience by Barbieswaggkid

Wow, I do not know of any better experiences I have had in my life than the one I had in Portland at PENSOLE.

Arriving in Portland I was very excited, and Portland was everything I expected it to be… besides the rain.  I arrived in Portland about midnight and I could already tell that I was going to like it there.  I immediately fell in love with the town the scenery was beautiful.  The people dress dope and have some amazing sneakers on their feet.  I couldn’t wait to get off the plane to take the train since I had never ridden one before, but that would have to wait for the next day since I had missed it.

The first day I arrived late to class, since I have no sense of direction, and was greeted by Dwayne.  I became excited when I found out that the man shaking my hand created, my favorite sneaker competition of all time, Future Sole.  Dwayne teased me about being late but let it slide the first day.  Then he made an announcement that for every min we are late a push up would have to be done.  I was never late again.  Later he told us the reason he does this is to teach us time management.  If you are 15 min early you are on time, If you are on time your late.

I was expecting a class full of men, but was surprised when there was another girl.  The footwear industry is mostly male dominated, so going in I knew that I would have to be focused and dedicated.  What I liked about our class was that I never felt out of place.  Everyone treated each other like we had been friends for years.  We were in class a lot together but when we weren’t in class everyone would still meet up to go around Portland and do various activities together, like going out to eat, the Nike art show, or meeting up to go over our sketches for feedback.

The thing that I enjoyed about Dwayne the most was, he was down to earth and honest with us.  He was always there willing to help, no matter the time.  I appreciate and respect the feedback he gave and the lessons he taught.  He put us in front of other well-respected people, in the industry, that normally we might never have met.  He is serious about us succeeding and wants us to be even more serious about it.  Dwayne was hands down a great teacher and mentor.

While at PENSOLE I learned so much.  From my classmates I learned, when you’re working on a project by yourself it’s only your thoughts and ideas going into it, but when you have other designers with different thoughts and creativeness helping you out it is great.  They help your mind reach a whole new side to your project.  So many ideas are floating around, some good, some you appreciate but may not use, and some ideas make you say “Why didn’t I think of that”.  It also teaches you to take criticism.

Dwayne also taught me a lot. One of the first lessons that he taught was how each shoe has a story.  There is a reason for the colors, the sole, the design; everything has a purpose.  I had NEVER thought about that before.  Before coming to PENSOLE, when I wanted to draw a sneaker I didn’t think about a story and what it’s purpose would be, I would just draw.  So seeing it from his side taught me to be more serious about my designs and just “think”.  Another thing Dwayne taught us, was that a lot of times people don’t think about and understand what they are about to draw on paper.  The first week before we began drawing Dwayne just had us think about our designs.  Think about what type of products are needed.  What purpose is our design going to be used for?   We spent a lot of time thinking about it so when it was finally time to draw, we already knew what we wanted to do, and half of the process was done.

I had a great time in Portland, great time w/ Dwayne at PENSOLE and my PEN TEN classmates!!

If interested in attending PENSOLE be sure to check out the latest class PENSOLEOGRAPHY.  adidas will provide scholarships for up to 12 hand-selected aspiring footwear designers to experience PENSOLE’s rigorous “learn by doing” curriculum, where students are assigned  projects to develop from idea to final concept while working in a team environment.

Submission Deadline: May 13, 2012 11:55 PM GMT

visit to learn more



Designer Limelight: Charles Sollars

We would like to introduce the community to one of MESH01’s newest members, Charles Sollars.  Many of you, like me, may have stumbled across his work while searching for the new 2012 NFL uniforms.  His faux uniform designs have generated over 2 million views to his flickr account in just 60 days.

Hey Charles, can you tells us about your background in design?
I have no real design background. I do photography, I paint, I doodle, I took art in high school, but no art school or any high level formal training. I just know what I like and what I don’t like.  I want to be able to learn in a higher ed art school setting but with out someone else paying for it I can’t afford to go back to school.

What inspired you to start redesigning team football helmets and uniforms?
I saw the new Missouri helmet on the web months before it was known to be the helmet and I didn’t like it. I talked to some people and was like I can do better and they should do this. So, I downloaded a free trial of the newest photoshop and tried to make something better. I think my Mizzou helmet kills the one NIKE did and the uniform for that matter. I did Mizzou and the Chiefs and then people started telling me to do more and I just kept doing it because the demand just kept growing.

By now you must have spun hundreds of professional and college football uniforms, any favorites?

It is well over a thousand at this point. I like the Chiefs headdress helmet, the tiger head Mizzou, LSU wrap, several of the ravens helmets, the corn Nebraska ones because I love the idea of butter stickers for big plays, the Bama ghosted houndstooth, the Nebraska blackshirts skull helmet, the army hat helmet, the jags helmet, some of the terps ones I like because I think I did a better job than UA did, the seahawks, some of the cal ones, and the Oregon ducks full mascot uni I really would love to see Nike run those out this year.

I am sure you have heard some feedback from fans of the various teams.  How has the response been?
Response has been really good I have had 2.1+ million views on my flickr account alone, 4,000 or 5,000 sites have covered my stuff everyone from yahoo to the smallest blog. Most everyone loves the helmets except for the die hard traditionalist at some schools but even people that say they hate uniform change have said they would be fine with some of my designs. The biggest feedback that I get is why hasn’t someone hired you yet, are these real, and I hope we get these.

How about the fans of teams with “untouchable” designs, like the Oakland Raiders or my personal favorite the Pittsburgh Steelers?
I actually had a feature on a few Raiders only sites. Most of the fans were cool with the idea but only on a special one or two time kind of thing. The logo removing the mask to show the skull face was really popular. The Steelers fans all liked the one that had the logo on a rusted beam looking background. Several fans wanted to buy a print of that design. I don’t think any fans want to see my designs replace the classic looks of any team like the raiders, steelers, sooners, and so on but for a one time thing most people like it if nothing else so they have new team stuff to buy. I know I feel the same way with the Chiefs, I am a huge Chiefs fan but if you have a white and a red uni you have the entire uniform collection since the team started there are no alt or throwback for them which is cool because it is classic but on the other hand it sucks.

Anyone approached you about turning your designs a reality?
I have been in talks with Va Tech and Illinois. We are currently trying to get a real helmet made to determine pricing and build time to see if it is something the schools can first afford to do and then get approved. The Illini Chief helmet is also in the prototype stage but only as a fan item since the school doesn’t use anything Native American related anymore.

Now I noticed that many of your designs put the mascot front and center.  Does your experience as the Springfield Cardinal mascot have anything to do with this? Sorry had to ask. :D No, not at all. I just like the cartoon mascots of some teams better than the blah logos they use. I mean KU has a sweet mascot logo but they use the letters k u on all their stuff, same can be said for Oregon, Ok State, and a bunch of other schools. All of my designs are meant to be a one time special kind of design for 95% of the designs. Some of the NFL ones are everyday but most of the NCAA designs I was thinking once maybe twice a year kind of thing so why not bring in something fun either with the size, color, or logo or all 3 for some.

Where can we go to see more of your work?
You can see all of my work on my flickr account. I also tweet my new designs @charlessollars, tumblr, and youtube also have some stuff but the full collection is on flickr the designs are set up by team, conference, ncaa, nfl, and finally full uniform

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Be sure to check out Charles Sollar’s profile

Ramp “Connect. Elevate”



When you graduate college and receive your degree magically you know everything needed to know to be a designer.  Right? …No?  The world of design is constantly changing and evolving with technologies and things like social media.  Even for experienced designers, you either keep learning or get left behind.   But, where does one go to continue learning and developing their skills?  I mean it is not like we are all looking to get another degree, we just want to keep expanding our skill set.

The best way to continue learning is via a mentor.  It is always a good idea to surround yourself with people that have more experience or are more knowledgeable.  Nothing beats hands on learning especially from a friend or colleague.  If you are with out a mentor in a particular area, perhaps you do what I do, turn to books or the internet.   There is another way.

When I was in Portland last I met with Janene Larson the founder of Ramp, a Learning Resource Center for brands where curriculum can advance professionals working in the Product Creation Process.  Ramp addresses the educational needs of professionals in the Product Creation Process through offering Professional Development Training specific to the sportswear industry. Ramp classes provide students a holistic perspective of the product process from product brief to consumer.  The “Ramp Way” is anchored by the need for DESIGN, MATERIALS AND MARKETING to work together in the creation of successful product lines.

“I founded ramp in 2011 as a learning resource for my peers and those entering the complex active brand industry to master the BUSINESS SIDE OF DESIGN.  I have worked globally with multiple categories in footwear, apparel and accessories at both Nike and Adidas. Whether working in Adidas Basketball, managing key accounts for Nike and adidas or as a Global Merchandiser for Nike, I was always looking for the “Playbook” onhow to do my job.

 How do you write a line plan? Where did that trend come from? What does our consumer think? What am I supposed to do with that information? Forecast?  Based on what?  Why do people get so amped up about sneakers anyway? Why are Design and Marketing always fighting?

 Well there really is a method to the madness. I founded ramp as an avenue to share what I have learned over the last 19 years of launching products into the marketplace with a few mistakes and a lot of successes. The key is to keep learning ALWAYS and as soon as you think you got it, it is time to dig deeper and share what you know with others.”  - Janene Larson/Ramp Founder


The Ramp Approach

Ramp has partnered with the most experienced and respected industry experts in the Sportswear Brand Field (from Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Auto Brands to name a few) to teach the line planning process, color and trend theory, consumer culture, material process and more.  Classes are taught at the epicenter of Active Brands in Portland, Oregon at the PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy.

What You Learn

Upon completing a Ramp training course, a student will understand the needs and objectives of DESIGN, MATERIALS AND MARKETING in the product process and each departments role in creating a deep connection with their consumer.

  • Align your goals with the rest of your organization
  • Understand the process and your consumers expectations
  • Master the role of Color & Trend in the success of products
  • Anticipate the needs of Design for inspiration and accurate problem solving
  • Appreciate the role of Product Briefs as the agreement between Design, Development and Marketing

Instructors include some names that I am sure many of you are already familiar with.

DʼWayne Edwards – Pensole Design Director
Suzette Henri – Material Technology Goddess
E. Scott Morris – Designer/Inspiration Cultivator
John Knight – Consumer Research Guru
Michelle Battista – Trend & Merchandising Expert
Dee Wells – Sneaker Culture Historian
More to Come…

“This is what I promise you.  You will learn from the best in the industry skills you need to be better at your job, gain an understanding of the perspectives of your Design, Development and Marketing teams and learn how to use information to influence your product success in the marketplace.” – Janene Larson

Check out some of Ramp’s upcoming classes

  • COLOR APPLICATION & MERCHANDISING – Michelle Battista – 4/19
  • REALITY VS. MYTH – THE STORIES PRODUCTS TELL – DʼWayne Edwards/Dee Wells – 5/3
  • MATERIAL EDUCATION – Suzette Henri – 5/4

Register @:

Visit to learn more.