Day 15: Creativity has reached new heights

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Packing was the day’s task. All built and some struggled to paint the models who were crack overnight. Only a few days for the presentation and everyone is working hard until the end. The atmosphere is good and you would not believe the class was only 3.5 weeks old. Projects are starting to take shape and the last weeks drawings become reality. It is exciting to see how each shoe comes alive. Creativity has reached new heights and materials are found all over the place. The same can we say about the work we have almost consumed the entire sixth floor.

Before the day’s work really started the whole class got a lecture in what is important in relation to entrepreneurship. D’Wayne had been a judge at a arrangment for Contractor the evening before, and it was a good opportunity to affirm that it is a good idea to have a company name people remember and only one name.

A good common start to the day when we forgot the day quote – but everyone has enough to do and everything is going up soon in a higher unity. Good to have school open until 12 am and the mood is high. It’s about enjoying every minute of the last week!

At midday, we were visited by Saleh Bembury who just got a permanent job as a designer for men’s footwear at Cole Haan, Congratulations! He went around to all and heard about people’s projects and looked at the models that almost everyone is finished now.

Thanks once again for a fantastic day. We look forward to learn about materials tomorrow where we again have a visitor :)

- Iben Thode Johanse