Day 13 at PENSOLE

Thursday, May 12th, 2011…..Day 13 at PENSOLE. By Carolina Hernandez

Today is the day before finals!!! an of course everyone is freaking out… but in a good way, we are almost at the final line and we are pushing hard! People are drawing, mounting, building prototypes and figuring out final details for material boards, the actual design and in general the story we want to convey.

Matt and D’wayne are pushing hard too making sure we got everything, Barb and Suzette are there to touch up on details about materials an color and without expecting it we had another guest!!! “E” He talked about the virus of creativity, how it is important to not only have good ideas and keep updated in our work personally but to share with others about the beautiful things that we can do together and not be afraid of other people knowing our goals and dreams. Maybe we can make our story something bigger and better just by sharing. Afterwards “E” stayed to talked to us about our individual designs and personally he made a huge difference in mine helping me figure out the lacing system which just made it so much cooler… I cannot believe how much work we got done in the amount of time we had but even when we were very late at Kinkos printing… it was well worth the effort and the pressure, everyone finished strong!