Day 14: Last Week at Pensole

June 13, 2011 by Austin Vander Woude

Today was the beginning of our last week here at Pensole, and after D’Wayne gave us the weekend off to enjoy the city everybody came in refreshed and ready to finish strong. We started the day with D’Wayne walking us through what we would be doing for the rest of the week. He also detailed what would be expected of us for our final presentation. By Friday we need to complete a full-size lateral rendering of our shoe, a clay model, and a prototype of our packaging among other things. D’Wayne said it would test our time management skills, so after that everybody got straight to work.

Because we had a little setback last week, with many of our clay model shoes cracking, we basically had a repeat day. This time we got some primer to apply to our STANCE shoes then we went to work recreating our clay models. Even though we were all given the same task it was interesting to see all the unique and creative ways that my classmates were going about making their models. I think it is definitely a testament to the diverse skill sets and backgrounds that D’Wayne has compiled in this classroom. We were basically free to work on anything so some people worked on their packaging and final renderings as well.

Later in the day we were visited by Ward Robinson, the creator of the Bloodlinefresh clothing line. He stopped by because he is in the process of creating a documentary on sneaker culture, and wanted to get the word out about what our class is doing and how it is impacting the culture and shoe industry. Like many of our other guests Ward also walked around the class to check out all the projects and provide his input. Getting feedback has been a huge part of this class, and it always helps to hear other people’s opinions in order to push your design as far as you can take it.

As this is my second time going through Pensole I know this last week is going to be a grind, but I am going to enjoy every minute of it because when it is all over I know that this is an amazing and truly rare experience that my classmates and I will have shared.

-Austin Vander Woude