Day 2 at PENSOLE

Sunday, May 1, 2011…..Day 2 at PENSOLE. By Michelle.

I have no idea where creative ideas form or how they form in our brains. Maybe certain environments foster creativity over others, maybe itʼs certain people, or events. Often times, Iʼve thought it was simply a talent or gift, seemingly easier for some than for others. Regardless of where or how innovative thinking happens, there is most certainly a process for it.

Bruce Lee understood this process, and this morning, we kicked off the Project Brief with some words of wisdom from the Master regarding the development of the  creative attitude: To develop the creative attitude, analyze, focus on the wanted SOLUTION; seek out and fill your mind with the FACTS; write down IDEAS, both sensible and seemingly wild; let the facts and ideas SIMMER in your mind: evaluate, recheck, settle on the CREATIVE IDEAS.

A great exercise to begin the creative process is mind mapping, which we did today in teams, grouped by brands, including Nike, Air Jordan, Hurley, Cole Haan, Converse, and Umbro. Under each brand, sports categories were designated for each student.

Some great ideas emerged from each group, in the early stages of our process tying the sports to the brand values and the possibilities for innovation in the areas of  performance, emotion, and visualization. It will be interesting to see what this talented group of designers from Art Center bring to the footwear industry, as their inspirations for performance, visual, and emotional range from the wilds of the animal kingdom to the discipline and order of Buddhist Monks, to redefine footwear for the 2012 Olympics.

We concluded the day just as we began it, with Bruce Lee, reminding us that performance is not just about the body, but the mind as well. Today was only the first day of two week intensive footwear design program, but the results promise creative solutions and innovative ideas from my fellow Art Center colleagues.