Day 5 at PENSOLE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011…..Day 5 at PENSOLE. By Vlad Almonnord

Quote of the day:

“Inner resistance is not the solution. – Whether I like it or not, circumstances are thrust upon me, and being a fighter at heart I sort of fight it in the beginning but soon realize what I need is not inner resistance and needless conflict (in the form of dissipation); rather, by joining forces to readjust and make the best of it.”

So today was pretty eventful day at Pensole. Matt showcased his portfolio, Grant Delgadi, a professor at Art Center College of Design as well as an entrepreneur, arrived and will be joining the Pensole program aiding us in our artistic endeavors, and Wilson Smith, a power player and legend at Nike stopped by today to share his thoughts as well as his history in the industry. In addition, Chris and Janene let us have some free samples of materials.

What I took from Matt’s presentation was the importance of simplicity in a portfolio. Remove any unnecessary information, provide simple to navigate and understand layouts, reduce the amount of content on a page and highlight key issues that you want your viewer to understand, and showcase your personality in a portfolio. Matt, Grant as well as Chris and Janene gave us insight on what their looking for in a portfolio when they are hiring designer.

Grant gave a brief intro on his history in the industry and his current venture into creating his own shoe line called UrShuz (brand name might be spelled differently). It was interesting to learn about shoe design from an entrepreneurial point of view.

Last but not least was Wilson Smith’s lecture. It was interesting to learn about how Nike redefined itself in the 80′s but as well as 3 key points that Wilson discussed: Beauty often times relates to the best function, Performance, as well as the Soul of the product. He ended his presentation by telling us to remain open-minded and explore as many realms in design as possible. In the end it’ll not make you only a better designer but a more valuable designer as well.