ENKWSA Fast Fashion Design Studio Live


MESH01 is heading back to Las Vegas for the ENKWSA tradeshow August 7-9.  This time we are not going alone.  Six designers from the community will be coming with us to compete in the ENKWSA Design Studio “Live”.  It is looking to be a fantastic show.  If you are in the neighborhood be sure to check us out.

 I recently had the chance to catch up with David Dea the Director of Global Sourcing for ENKWSA.  We talked about “Fast Fashion”, the Design Studio “Live” and what designers can expect from the show.

A major theme at ENKWSA is “Fast Fashion”.  Can you tell us a little bit about “Fast Fashion”?

Fast Fashion within the footwear space is best described as trends that are designed and manufactured quickly and inexpensively to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current footwear styles at an affordable price.

How do you see Design’s role in the “Fast Fashion” process?

Design is “key” to Fast Fashion. Footwear companies in this category, pump out new designs on a weekly basis.

We are incredibly excited to be working with ENKWSA as part of the Design Studio Live, where 6 MESH01 designers will be competing live to design “Fast Fashion” Footwear.  Can you tell us about The Design Studio Live fits in with the show?

Design Studio Live on the ENKWSA show floor illustrates what we are all about. We are THE leader in Fast Fashion Footwear & Supply Chain Resources and we provide retailers and brands with a venue by which ideas and concepts can be brought to market.

What can designers expect from the Design Studio Live?

Designers @ Design Studio Live can expect to be seen by footwear industry professionals as well as industry press who will be voting for the best design based on these criteria.

Design | Trend | Manufacturability | Cost

Not only will the designers be competing for prizes but they will have access to hundreds of supply chain resources at their finger tips. This competition brings together interaction between hundreds of supply chain resources, designers and industry professionals.

What can designers expect from the ENKWSA show?

 Designers can expect ENKWSA to house hundreds of resources from around the globe, ranging from Leather, PU, Components, OEM factories and educational seminars given by industry experts. ENKWSA is THE place for designers to make their designs a reality, from concept to consumer. With our onsite MatchMaking, this will also allow designers to have a more focused experience when looking for new resources.

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks at the show.  It should be a fun one.

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