Day 11: Halfway Through PENSOLE

Tuesday June 7, 2011 by Eric Wada

We are a little past the halfway point in the class, and today we re-capped what we learned about in the class so far. On the first day, D’Wayne made a list of the topics we wanted to cover in the class, and we have already gone over most of the topics. The main things we covered were how to properly draw sneakers, how shoes are made, and the corporate world of footwear design.

D’Wayne showed us the portfolio of Glen Chang, who was a student at PENSOLE last year. Glen’s project was to make protective footwear for MMA fighters, and he came up with an interesting Koi fish inspired piece that wrapped around the shins all the way down to the toes. It was beneficial for us to see his project because D’Wayne showed us some simple changes that could make it even better.

D’Wayne has gone over the interview process at Nike before, but today we went more in-depth on what they are looking for. He gave us helpful tips on how to dress and to always be honest in the interviews, because they are looking for consistency. He said we should figure out whom we are interviewing with, so we know a little bit about them when talking with them. Dialogue is essential in the interview and it was very insightful to hear what to expect with a Nike interview.

Before we set off for working, D’Wayne asked the class if we had dreams and aspirations of our own. He wanted all of us to find something that we are passionate about that would inspire us to work to our full potential. D’Wayne showed us a card his mother had given him after Reebok did not give him a job when he was younger. He always keeps a copy with him, so that he can look to it for motivation when he needs it. The main point I learned from his talk is that talent can get us far in life, but it will be out work ethic that separates us from the other people competing with us for jobs.

We ended the day with each of our teams meeting with D’Wayne to discuss our projects as we narrowed them down to one design. He corrected our proportions and showed us simple changes to enhance our projects. The rest of the class continued to edit their final design and brainstormed on ideas for their packaging. It was a long day with the individual meetings extending past the regular class time, but it was all to the benefit of us students and our projects.

-Eric Wada