MESH01 Designer: Chunkyd

Meet Chunkyd! He took 1st place and 6th place for his designs in Hi-Tec’s Colours and Materials Competition which also happened to be his first design competition EVER!

MESH01: How has MESH01 challenged you as a designer?

Chunkyd: I’ve been in the shoe industry for almost five years and in that time I’ve learned that each new project is a challenge. The paddle board competition was especially challenging as it was my first real attempt at graphic design.

MESH01: Did you attend a design school? If yes, did you have a lot of help networking and finding a mentor after graduation?

Chunkyd: I took night classes at Art Center while attending UCLA undergrad.  The summer after graduation, I took an internship and it was there that I made my first contact in the industry. Getting your foot in the door is the biggest challenge, but once you’re in it’s important that you continue to network and sell yourself as a designer.

MESH01: Who are some artists and designers that you look up to/ draw inspiration from?

Chunkyd: Frank Lloyd Wright, Phillipe Stark, Charles Mackintosh, Salvatore Farragamo, Scott Robertson … the list is endless.

MESH01: What are you going to do with your prize money?

Chunkyd: Putting it towards a new laptop.

MESH01: Do you typically design by hand or on the computer? Any personal preference?

Chunkyd: I start out with doodles and then on to refined sketches. These are usually quick and rough but sufficient enough to communicate an idea. Next, I layout my design in Adobe Illustrator and finally, I’ll take the layout into Photoshop and render it to give it that extra pop. I’m on my computer daily, but I still use traditional media (sketching, marker rendering, pastel, etc.) for the brainstorming process because it’s the quickest and most efficient way to explore ideas.

MESH01: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

Chunkyd: As a sneakerhead, one of my childhood dreams was to work at Nike and design Air Jordan’s. And although that’s still a dream, my ambitions have broadened … in ten years I hope to be working for a shoe company that makes shoes for children in need around the world (corny huh?!).

MESH01: How do you currently promote yourself as a designer?

Chunkyd: Currently, I do not have a website or online portfolio. I do have a Linkedin profile and I use Facebook on occasion, but for the most part I’ve neglected the web as a medium to promote myself. I should have a website up before the end of the year. And of course I think Mesh01 is a great way to put my work on display.

To learn more about Chuknyd contact him on MESH01.