MESH01 Announces Design Competition With Everactive

PORTSMOUTH, NH – April 9, 2010 - MESH01 and Everactive SUP (Stand Up Paddle) have teamed up for an online stand-up paddleboard graphics competition.  Everactive is looking to the MESH01 global design community to create a unique board theme supported by graphics.  The winning design will receive $600 while the second place design will receive $400.  Designs will be considered for production and designers will receive feedback and design critiques.

Registration for the competition will begin on April 9, 2010 at

About Everactive

In 2005 Everactive combined their passion for exercise and water sports to start standup paddle boarding as an alternative exercise choice. In 2008 they began offering standup paddleboard lessons and fitness classes to their existing clients. In pursuit of bringing standup paddle boarding to our clients, we needed to offer more than lessons and classes. Everactive created their own standup paddleboard, which encompasses the four most important characteristics: affordability, stability, durability and performance. The board caters to all levels of fitness sp that everyone is able to enjoy stand up paddling anywhere; on lakes, rivers, ponds, bays, the open ocean. Everactive’s first paddleboard called the Everactive SUP Cross Trainer will be on the market in late April.  It is now Time to create a second board with a new theme and new design.

About MESH01

MESH01 is an internet-based company that provides a co-creation platform to link designers and brands worldwide.  Together, they design, create and launch innovative products for the SportStyle industry.  By connecting with the world’s leading and emerging brands, accomplished and aspiring designers can showcase their talent, gain exposure within the global design community, and win cash and product prizes. On the MESH01 platform, brands can drive creativity and innovation, increase design bandwidth, and achieve design quality through competition.

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Summer Land
Community Director

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