MESH01 Designer: Bee

Meet Bee! She has competed in the Hi-Tec Colours and Materials competition as well as the Everactive Stand Up Paddle comp.  Her designs have been outstanding! She is a graduate of RISD and currently designs from Cardiff By The Sea.

MESH01: Had you ever participated in a design competition before MESH01?

Bee: I’ve participated in several art competitions from the time I was little.  I won my first competition in 5th grade for  a safety calendar competition.  I drew a picture of a kid being electrocuted by Christmas lights and my art was used for the month of December.

MESH01: How has MESH01 challenged you as a designer?

Bee: I’ve never designed footwear or paddle boards before.  It was great to be able to apply my artwork in new directions.

MESH01: As a graduate of RISD, did you have a lot of help networking and finding a mentor?

Bee: Since I moved to the west coast after graduation, networking and finding a mentor has been more difficult.

MESH01: Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?

Bee: There are tons.  To name a few: Gustav Klimt, Will Bradley, Stina Persson, Zak Smith, Eric White and Sebastian Kruger.

MESH01: Do you typically design by had or on the computer?

Bee: Generally my designs start by hand and then the final changes are done on the computer.

MESH01: What are you using your prize money for?

Bee: Rent!

MESH01: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

Bee: I’ll probably be living on a star with a cute little family, a jet pack and an extremely successful illustration career.

MESH01: How do you currently promote yourself as a designer?

Bee: I pass out promo cards locally and have work on the Internet through my web sites.

To learn more about Bee, contact her on MESH01