MESH01 Inc. Announces Plans To Move Its Corporate Offices To Regeneration Park In Portsmouth, NH Summer 2010

PORTSMOUTH, NH MARCH 15, 2010 - MESH01 is enthusiastic about moving their corporate offices to Regeneration Park.  The move will facilitate the growth of MESH01 while helping the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.  They are excited to align themselves with like-minded businesses and prove to be a sustainable company.  MESH01 has and will continue to emphasize the importance of living “green” and to continue to maintain their environmentally friendly efforts in the future.Regeneration Park is a green realty trust, dedicated to promoting sustainable business through the purchase and renovation of commercial properties. From start to finish, they strive to maintain the most eco-friendly building techniques possible.  They donate, recycle and repurpose items from the demolition process, replacing them with low-impact materials and cutting-edge energy technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.  Regeneration Park solely leases to businesses and organizations that share their passion for sustainable development.

MESH01 is an Internet based company that provides a co-creation platform that links designers and brands worldwide. Together, they design, create and launch innovative products for the SportStyle industry. By connecting with the world’s leading and emerging brands, accomplished and aspiring designers can showcase their talent, gain exposure within the global design community, and win cash and product prizes. Winning designs will be considered for production and introduction to the market. Peers and Judges from established brands will offer feedback to competing designers to assist them in refining their skills. SportStyle brands will have access to one of the most talented global design communities. On the MESH01 platform, brands can drive creativity and innovation, increase design bandwidth, and achieve design quality through competition.

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Summer Land
Community Director

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