MESH01 on CBS — Uses Crowdsourcing to Drive Quality and Innovation

PORTSMOUTH, NH – MAY 21, 2010 – MESH01 has created a unique niche for itself by demonstrating that healthy competition can be a good thing – both on the field and off. Leveraging the Internet, MESH01 connects sporting good brands to a global design community to assist in the creation of innovative products for the SportStyle industry. The concept, called “crowdsourcing”, can be a quick and accurate creative resource for both companies and individuals, and it’s gaining a lot of momentum in the market place. It works by taking a job that is traditionally performed by one person, usually an employee, and putting it out to a larger, undefined group for contributions.

Companies of all industries can take advantage of crowdsourcing as a new way to drive quality, creativity, and innovation through competition. “A lot of companies today are restructuring their organization to leverage crowdsourcing to generate relevant content, fresh ideas, conduct research, and solve complex problems,” said Brian Bednarek, CEO of MESH01 and Industry Analyst, in an interview with CBS News Up to the Minute anchor Michelle Gielan about crowdsourcing and how it’s changing the way companies work.

Bednarek uses crowdsourcing at MESH01 to help sports brands who are looking for fresh concepts. The process begins by posting a brief to the global design community. Interested designers submit their designs for review, and the brands pay out on the designs they are most interested in creating a win-win for companies and individuals. “Crowdsourcing utilizes the internet to enable individuals and companies to connect across the globe creating tremendous opportunities for individuals that may not have been discovered to showcase their talents and get in front of some of the top brands.”

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About MESH01 Inc.

MESH01 is an internet-based company that provides a co-creation platform to link designers and brands worldwide. Together, they design, create, and launch innovative products for the SportStyle industry. By connecting with the world’s leading and emerging brands, accomplished and aspiring designers can showcase their talent, gain exposure within the global design community, and win cash and product prizes. On the MESH01 platform, brands can drive creativity and innovation, increase design bandwidth, and achieve design quality through competition.

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