NOOKA X MESH01 Design Competition

NOOKA is proud to partner with MESH01 to create a competition exploring what new expressions the form of a time keeping device can take. NOOKA pushes the boundaries of watch design and thinking by presenting new concepts in visual language, form and function. With the prevalence of time displayed on many devices, the watch has moved more and more into the space of being a pure fashion accessory/status symbol in our society – expressing the personality of the user more than the time function. Competition participants are challenged to create a new form for a time keeping device following the Nookafesto.

The first place winner of this competition will win $2000. The second place winner will receive $500. In addition to cash prizes, both first and second place winners will be awarded NOOKA product packages. This competition will begin September 15th and end October 10th, 2011.

Find out more about the competition at: