o1 Up has arrived!

Welcome to o1 Up- a MESH01 blog!  o1 Up is a community based on the fusion of design, technology and communication with the support and foundation of MESH01. We are working to bring the latest design news and information to your fingertips.  Some fun things to look for: Interviews with industry professionals, new technology releases, new product releases, upcoming competitions, featured MESH01 designers (could be you) and much more.

Designers: Without you, the design world would not turn.  MESH01 has built this community for you.  We want to give you the opportunity to promote yourself and share your designs with established SportStyle brands. The sooner you register with MESH01, the sooner you can start designing for major brands! You can build your portfolio and win money along the way! So far, we’ve seen some really impressive work.  As a new community, we are always open to your thoughts and comments.  Feel free to email summer@mesh01.com if you have any questions or just want to tell us what you are liking or what you think we could do better. Enjoy.