Day 9: Sketch-Present-Feedback-Repeat

Friday June 3, 2011 by Matt Walters

For this entire week, we have been working with a simple, yet extremely successful design system: Sketch-Present-Feedback-Repeat. Today we started out like everyday this week by presenting our work in front of the class; though this day was a bit different.

Instead of Dwayne taking the lead and assisting us with the presentation/feedback process, he let us do everything. At first, the class seemed hesitant in getting their main feedback from the class. But to our surprise, even with the slower start, this presentation process was very productive. While we are all so deeply invested within our own projects, everyone seemed genuinely interested in helping out each other. If we hadn’t proved it before, we definitely did today in that this class is no competition at all. While we are all striving to be the best, we care about each and how each of us perform.

While our presentations occurred, we were honored to have two of Dwayne’s friends, Omar Bailey from Bright Idea Design Studios, Inc. and Elliott Curtis from Soleology101, in our class to see some of our work. It was great to get a fresh set of eyes looking at our work. Sometimes its nice to sit back and hear what a complete outsider has to say about your work; can really put things into a different perspective.

Overall, today was the classic ‘studio day’ for an art student: 8 hours of productive sketching, multiple presentations to classmates/teachers, and most importantly, 23 footwear enthusiasts transforming from classmates, to family.

- Matt Walters