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MESH01 2012 Designer of the Year: 3Design

We are proud to announce that the 2012 MESH01 Designer of the Year is none other than 3Design. In 2012 3Design led the pack finishing 1st in 5 different projects, 2nd on 3 occasions, and 3rd once.  You may have read our blog featuring his designs back in November, but I had the chance to catch up with him again to learn more about his background in design.

How did you learn about MESH01?
Visiting design sites, one day I saw the publication named the MESH01, I entered the link, and saw that it was a site dedicated to product design competitions, so I started to participate in it.

Had you participated in any design competitions before?
Yes, but nothing compared to MESH01 competition or on-line. Here in Brazil, there is a contest to highlight designers to market “TOP OF STYLE”.  This happens only once a year, like those contests taking place in Italy and other countries such as Thailand and Japan.

Can you tell us about your path towards becoming an Industrial designer?
Well, nothing too complicated. I come from a family of traditional modelers, and was always surrounded by information on product development and marketing, so I began to put my ideas into practice, with the help of graphical computing. First with marketing and advertising, then I majored in technical footwear and later industrial design, always looking for the 3D digital world, rapid prototyping, robotics and modeling speed. After a while there began to appear opportunities to create products for businesses in the city where I live, and later to companies from other cities in Brazil.

What are some of the highlights of your career to date?
Nothing too great, but with a sense of gratification, having the opportunity to create many products that have been very well accepted in the Brazilian market and for export.

What do you feel makes your designs and style different/unique from others?
I feel totally the will to create all projects in 3D/DIGITAL modeling, from start to finish, but with a small contribution from 2D sketches, something like / 3D 85% – 15% 2D.

Who are some of the designers / artists that you pull your inspiration from?
I’m always looking for a way to create a form and a style unique and unparalleled, but when lacking inspiration, I always have on hand architecture books, technology, automotive and decorative, and 3D movies.

Where can designers go to see more of your work?
Here on MESH01, but also COROFLOT and FACEBOOK

Thank you for the interview, can you offer any words of advice to the other designers out there in the MESH01 community? “Feed the DNA of creativity, always,” and always alert because ideas and opportunities should not be discarded.

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MESH01 Top 10 Designers of 2012

Each year “Designer of the Year” is awarded to the designer who accumulates the most points during the calender year.  (1st – 1000pts, 2nd – 800pts, 3rd – 600pts, 4th – 400pts, 5th – 300pts, 6th – 200pts, 7th – 100pts, 8th – 50pts) This year was a competitive year with over 80 different designers earning points for their work.

The Top 10 Designers of 2012:

  1. 3Design                         8600pts.
  2. Shevitz                           4400pts.
  3. Axeldeviaje                   4100pts.
  4. Renderman                   3350pts.
  5. Ajerm                             3200pts.
  6. MWalters03                  3000pts.
  7. Quetzal                          2900pts.
  8. Bewler                            2850pts.
  9. Matt                                2800pts.
  10. JayHung                         2600pts.
    BLR                                  2600pts.
    Doitall                             2600pts.
    Moffat                              2600pts.

Read more about MESH01 2012 Designer of the Year: 3Design

Designer Limelight: 3Design


We recently caught up with a designer who has been awarded 1st a record 7 times.  3Design gives us a sneak peek into his process and a recent project he has been working on.

My name is Fransergio Caminotto, I live in the city of Franca, São Paulo, Brazil.  I work as a designer of footwear, soles, products, and marketing projects since 2001.

The process of my technical and artistic work is all in 3D modeling, but sometimes I sketch in 2D to better capture ideas.  To create the products, I get inspired by images of technology, robotics, automotive design, aerospace and others. The software used in my work are: RHINOCEROS 3D, COREL DRAW, AND NAXOS.

My saying to create unique shapes and styles is: “FEED THE DNA OF CREATIVITY, ALWAYS.”

MESH01 performs a great job with designers from around the world.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Thank you.


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