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Skittles: Armani Exchange Concept

We recently caught up with Stefan Brown AKA Skittles to see what he was working on during his internship at Armani / Exchange.

This project was given to me based on the demand for a new style men’s watch within the brand. The watch was to be established as an A|X style watch based on its key characteristics and features with a sports style.

This watch was designed purely for aesthetics, with function being secondary. Inspiration stemmed from divers watches, with the ratcheting bezel and a subtle use of color pop which acts as a superluminova accent under water.

Features: One eye chronograph movement, sub-eye tracks seconds, minutes and hours, and dial states military time.

Consumer: (Male 18-35 years), busy, on the go lifestyle, to do date on current trends, and has a key attention to detail.

Price point: Retail $600




MESH01 June Talent Show

In June we ran the first MESH01 Talent Show so that designers could show off some of their skills through new or existing work.  We where especially interested to see some of the design work outside of footwear.  The timeline was short, but you came through, the work is fantastic.  We wanted to take the chance to show off some of our favorite designs, but you can see all of the designs HERE.


 Sports Graphics by AK31

AK31 started off doing wallpapers but now he creates sports related promotional advertisements, mockups and physical package design.  His designs have been seen everywhere from celebrity athlete’s social media pages to DMX’s tour bus.  You can check out more of his work on:


 Stearman by Bewler

Bewler’s Stearman design is a modern watch that takes its styling cues from the vintage Boeing Stearman Biplane.  You can find more of Bewlers work, including other incredible watches and vehicle renderings, on:


 Femme by Skittles

Skittles designed and entire women’s fashion line including footwear and accessories.  The line was designed using colors and materials to affect a woman’s emotions and empower her.  See the entire line.


 “Rapido” Tri-Shorts Tag by JWaskowiak

JWaskowiak’s “Rapido” hangtag utilizes fantastic graphic design to display the products features.  A clever use of airplanes feature the “aerodynamic” rating of the fabric quality, and “peppers” symbolize the ventilation quality of the fabric.  See more of JWaskowiak’s work in his MESH01 portfolio


 Silent Warrior by Shashi

Shashi’s Silent Warrior aims to depict the power of the modern woman, her supremacy and compassionate nature.  Just as intriguing as the design is Shashi’s choice of eco-friendly materials, using scraps and waste along with organic and sustainable fabrics.  See more images of Shashi’s design


 Football Uniform by CharlesSollars

You may remember CharlesSollars’ football helmet designs from the blog post a few months ago.  Well he is still at it, creating killer uniforms; even customizing them to specific players while the NFL draft was taking place.  See his designs for nearly every college and pro football team here:


June’s Talent show was such a success so we are doing it again.  So if you have a project that you want to show off to the community be sure to register.  You only have a week and a half so dust off the portfolio and show us the design, new or old, that best demonstrates your talents.