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MESH01 July Talent Show

In June we ran the first MESH01 Talent Show so that designers could show off some of their skills through new or existing work.  We where so impressed that we decided to do it again in July.  The timeline was short, but you came through, the work is fantastic.  We wanted to take the chance to show off some of our favorite designs, but you can see all of the designs HERE.


The Flat Pack Footwear by MKatchi

MKatchi really impressed us with her flat pack designed footwear.  These shoes where designed to be affordably produced and shipped flat to aid refugees.  Not only does this shoe accomplish humanitarian needs, we also think it is quite fashionable.  It would be great to see a shoe like this sold in stores with a Tom’s type of model where everyone sold also buys one for charity.  See more images of MKatchi’s Flat Pack Footwear.


Blooming Shoes by Cvejica

Highly decorated Serbian Designer CVejica created this beautiful collection for the Belgrade Fashion week.  The collection was created in cooperation with the Textile Uzice Company, with the goal of demonstrating the usability of their fabric.  We where really impressed by the beautiful use of the pattern on the fabric especially the fun use of flowers that come out of the shoe.  See more images of CVejica’s designs.


Armani Exchange Fashion by Skittles

Once again Skittles shows some of his amazing watch designs.  These watches in particular where designed for the Armani Exchange Fall 2013 Season.  Skittles 3D models are absolutely stunning as are his sketches.  See more images of Skittles  impressive watch designs.


Be sure not to miss August’s Talent Show submissions,  and vote for your favorite.  The Talent Show has been such a success so we will start having one each month.  So if you have a project that you want to show off to the community be sure to register for September’s Talent Show.









Teaching the Footwear Designers of Tomorrow

A few weeks ago I had the extraordinary opportunity to talk with Ms. Newburger’s third grade class about being a footwear designer.  Let me tell you, if you ever need to be reminded how cool a career designing shoes is, go talk to third graders.

At first I was nervous about the idea.  I mean, I don’t really know how to teach a bunch of 8 year olds.  Luckily I was able to find several other designers who had previous experience with this.  Thanks to the Footwear Design Group on LinkedIn for your help. I would have been lost with out your suggestions.

When I finally met the class, I was blown away- they treated me like a rock star!  It took awhile to get started because each student had to know if I designed the shoes that they were wearing; I hadn’t :(   I broke the ice by first talking with the students about the sports that they play.  We talked about the movements involved in each sport and how those needs affect their footwear.  I then told them about the design process as I passed around lasts and taped up pullovers but they where most impressed by the skeleton foot.

Once the class had a good idea about the process we designed a running shoe together, which I drew for them on their electronic white board.  It turns out these things are very difficult to draw on.  Then it came time for the students to design their own shoes, some of which can be seen below.   Many of the students, even went so far as to and stitch lines and design their own logos, while others copied the Jumpman.

After about 20 minutes the kids each stood in front of the class and presented their designs.  If you are a children’s shoe designer start working on rainbow colors and glow in the dark shoes immediately.

Teaching the third grade class about shoe design was an incredibly rewarding experience.  It was great to see their creativity and to show the kids that design is a fun potential career path.  With any luck, maybe I inspired the next Tinker Hatfield.

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o1 Up has arrived!

Welcome to o1 Up- a MESH01 blog!  o1 Up is a community based on the fusion of design, technology and communication with the support and foundation of MESH01. We are working to bring the latest design news and information to your fingertips.  Some fun things to look for: Interviews with industry professionals, new technology releases, new product releases, upcoming competitions, featured MESH01 designers (could be you) and much more.

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