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MESH01 Top 10 Designers of 2012

Each year “Designer of the Year” is awarded to the designer who accumulates the most points during the calender year.  (1st – 1000pts, 2nd – 800pts, 3rd – 600pts, 4th – 400pts, 5th – 300pts, 6th – 200pts, 7th – 100pts, 8th – 50pts) This year was a competitive year with over 80 different designers earning points for their work.

The Top 10 Designers of 2012:

  1. 3Design                         8600pts.
  2. Shevitz                           4400pts.
  3. Axeldeviaje                   4100pts.
  4. Renderman                   3350pts.
  5. Ajerm                             3200pts.
  6. MWalters03                  3000pts.
  7. Quetzal                          2900pts.
  8. Bewler                            2850pts.
  9. Matt                                2800pts.
  10. JayHung                         2600pts.
    BLR                                  2600pts.
    Doitall                             2600pts.
    Moffat                              2600pts.

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Designer Limelight: 3Design


We recently caught up with a designer who has been awarded 1st a record 7 times.  3Design gives us a sneak peek into his process and a recent project he has been working on.

My name is Fransergio Caminotto, I live in the city of Franca, São Paulo, Brazil.  I work as a designer of footwear, soles, products, and marketing projects since 2001.

The process of my technical and artistic work is all in 3D modeling, but sometimes I sketch in 2D to better capture ideas.  To create the products, I get inspired by images of technology, robotics, automotive design, aerospace and others. The software used in my work are: RHINOCEROS 3D, COREL DRAW, AND NAXOS.

My saying to create unique shapes and styles is: “FEED THE DNA OF CREATIVITY, ALWAYS.”

MESH01 performs a great job with designers from around the world.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Thank you.


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Day 3 at PENSOLE

Monday, May 2nd, 2011…..Day 3 at PENSOLE. By Kevin G. Bethune

D’Wayne began the morning by introducing us to Brad McCollum, another leader at ULIKO Studio with an extensive strategic planning, operational and product line planning background from his previous 13 years at Nike. He offered to help us on any questions we’d have in our design projects relating to the business implications associated with bringing our ideas to the marketplace. We really appreciate the ULIKO team’s help and hospitality.

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MESH01 Designer: Chunkyd

Meet Chunkyd! He took 1st place and 6th place for his designs in Hi-Tec’s Colours and Materials Competition which also happened to be his first design competition EVER!

MESH01: How has MESH01 challenged you as a designer?

Chunkyd: I’ve been in the shoe industry for almost five years and in that time I’ve learned that each new project is a challenge. The paddle board competition was especially challenging as it was my first real attempt at graphic design.

MESH01: Did you attend a design school? If yes, did you have a lot of help networking and finding a mentor after graduation?

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MESH01 Designer: Bee

Meet Bee! She has competed in the Hi-Tec Colours and Materials competition as well as the Everactive Stand Up Paddle comp.  Her designs have been outstanding! She is a graduate of RISD and currently designs from Cardiff By The Sea.

MESH01: Had you ever participated in a design competition before MESH01?

Bee: I’ve participated in several art competitions from the time I was little.  I won my first competition in 5th grade for  a safety calendar competition.  I drew a picture of a kid being electrocuted by Christmas lights and my art was used for the month of December.

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