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Day 1 at PENSOLE

Saturday, April 30, 2011……Day 1 at PENSOLE. By Erick Ikeda.

Quote of the day:

“Emptiness the starting point. In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup. My friend, drop all of your preconceived fixed ideas and be neutral. Do you know why this cup is so useful? Because it is empty.” – Bruce Lee.
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No. 2 Foundation Scholarship Winners!

MESH01 would like to thank all of the participants who competed in the NO 2. Portfolio Competition!  There were a total of 57 students who submitted portfolios, representing 12 countries and 27 design schools around the world.

Out of the 57 students that submitted the following 17 have been awarded scholarships to the summer footwear design program hosted at the University of Oregon:

1.  Nickname: Brendan_Rocke  Country: Canada  School: University of Alberta

2.  Nickname: go2guy  Country: Israel  School: Guild Tel-Aviv  School of Design and Technology for  Footwear & Accessories.

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