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Dick’s Sporting Goods Drives Product Innovation Through Co-Creation

Fortune 500 Retailer Relies on Breakthrough Co-Creation Site to Design and Develop New Products Faster and More Efficiently

PORTSMOUTH, NH – January 15, 2014 – MESH01, a leading provider of web-based co-creation solutions, has announced the recent completion of several design projects with DICK’S Sporting Goods, including the successful launch of an innovative boot for the retailer’s outdoor product line. Leveraging MESH01’s global community of talented designers and unique online process, DICK’S was able to debut the new men’s Vortex GTX Field Boot for the grand opening of its first Field & Stream store.
The MESH01 co-creation site provides DICK’S with secure access to thousands of experienced designers to work independently and simultaneously on a range of footwear, clothing, and other new products. By partnering with MESH01 and taking advantage of its easy-to-use briefing, submission, communication, and scoring process, DICK’S increases the number of design options, shortens development time, and delivers new products to market faster.
To learn more about MESH01’s design capabiltiies, go to .

About MESH01

MESH01 delivers creative innovation and strategic analysis for the three most critical points in the consumer product lifecycle: design, testing and marketability.  MESH01 connect brands with the appropriate segment of their global network of professionals, delivering the right combination of crowd-sourced design solutions, customized field testing programs and market analytics.  By drawing from a virtual talent pool, MESH01 expands on companies’ in-house R&D capabilities to help brands thrive.

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Future of Footwear 2013



Just over a month ago 20 designers where selected to attend PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy for a chance to prove that they are the “Future of Footwear”.   Over the last 3 weeks these students have learned from industry professionals ranging from design directors, design managers, designers, design recruiters and hiring managers.  See the results of the hard work put in by the students as they present their designs at 5pm PDT (July 12, 2013). Streaming live at:


After you watch the presentations VOTE for your favorite designs in each category.

  • Lifestyle
  • Performance:  Voting is now closed
  • Kids:  Voting is now closed
  • Made In USA:  Voting is now closed
  • Sustainable:  Voting is now closed
  • Dress:  Voting is now closed

July 19, starting at 4:00 p.m. PDT, see the final presentations by the 24 scholarship-winners of the 2013 PENSOLE Future of Footwear Awards and Master Class, held in partnership with FN PLATFORM the shoe show at MAGIC and

And at 6:00 p.m. PDT the finalists who will be sent to Las Vegas next month for FN Platform will be announced LIVE!

Logon to


10 semi-finalists will be selected to have samples of their designs made and will be awarded a trip to Las Vegas to have their designs on display at the PENSOLE booth at FNPLATFORM, August 19-21, 2013.


Future of Footwear 2012 Dress Winner: Chris Dixon


As you wrap up your Future of Footwear submissions, we bring you the final installment in our 5-week series.  This week we catch up with Chris Dixon, 2012 Future of Footwear Dress winner. 

Did you have any footwear background prior to the Future of Footwear class? 

Prior to Future of footwear I studied graphic design at Harding University. I always sketched sneaker ideas but never really knew the correct process of designing footwear. I had my first big opportunity with footwear design when I competed and won Futuresole in 2010 (mentored by Benjamin Nethongkome). Attending Pensole Prep (Spring 12′) helped me gain more knowledge with the industry way of designing footwear. I can say my design journey has been a bit different than others.

Tell us about your experience in the Future of Footwear class.

Being Coached, mentored and taught by D’Wayne Edwards and Suzette Henry was priceless. From day one I knew it was going to be a tough challenge because of the talent level that was in my category.
Even though it was a competition, everyone in the Pensole studio was willing to help each other out in anyway possible which was weird but hey we were in Portland. We worked long hours as individuals and in teams. I was teamed up with Matthew DeAlmeida, Jared Fiorovich, Jan-Maarten Lubberts and Johnning.(3 of us won in our categories) I admired Matt’s sketching ability and Jared’s hands on skills so I sat close to those guys. We had a lot of guest from Nike and Jordan that came to share advice and critique our projects.  Seeing everyone work and enjoy what they were doing made the atmosphere just exciting. This was simply the best time I have had while competing for a life changing experience.

As part of the class, you where selected to attend the Platform tradeshow in Las Vegas, what was that like?

Making it to the show was very exciting because it was the first time we got a chance to hold our 3d models and samples. Seeing the world of footwear in one room was pretty daunting at first. As time went by it became fun to tell everyone about our different projects and Pensole Design Academy. Since this was the first time a school was in the show we got a great deal of attention. The live voting made people want to get involved and support there favorite project. I would say the coolest thing that happened at the booth was a lot of different buyers were approaching me to place orders for my design. That made me feel like a winner before they announced the winners.

You where selected as the winner of the Future of Footwear in the Dress shoe category.  Can you tell us about your design?

My challenge was to make a shoe for a woman that would make My brief was to design a high heel for the fashion forward business woman. I wanted to focus on a very successful business women feeling and looking her best throughout her busy day. Her surroundings throughout her day became my inspiration as well as the design story. It came together nicely  because I created a particular high class lifestyle I called the diamond lifestyle which started Diamond Lifestyle Collection .

At the Platform tradeshow, you where presented with a pullover of your design.  What was it like to see a pullover of your design for the first time?

That was crazy. I was the last to make it to Vegas so everyone was waiting to see my design. I was extremely excited to see it because of the complexity of the heel.  When DE pulled it out the box it made me think about all the sleep I missed and the headaches of finding the design was well worth it. It is a feeling that never gets old.

What have you been up to over the last 8 months, since I saw you in Las Vegas for the FoF 2012?

For the Last 8 months I have been working on my first collection including this design. I had a chance to work with Suzette Henry in Italy at the Lineapelle materials show, which was incredible. She helped me with shopping the show and basically finding the best materials. Other than that it has been just the beautiful struggle of finding factories and making progress as an independent designer.

What advice do you have for designers looking to be apart of the Future of Footwear class of 2013?

Future of Footwear will give you the experience that you just will not get any where else. I will advice you to try to earn a spot!

Great advice! You can submit your designs to earn a spot HERE

Future of Footwear 2012 Skate Winner: Jared Fiorovich

Hopefully you are all hard at work on your submissions for this year’s Future of Footwear class.  The deadline is only days away.  Take a break for minute as we catch up with Jared Fiorovich, 2012 Future of Footwear Skate winner.

Did you have any footwear background prior to the Future of Footwear class?
I’ve been riding a skateboard most my life and have been interested in footwear just as long, I was always trying to find a way to improve performance and durability.  I sketched lots shoes over the years and eventually started deconstruction, reconstructing and making my own shoes to skateboard in. The first big step I took towards shoe design was a class at Art Center by Grant Delgatty in 2011, then I got in to Pensole prep class in 2012.

Tell us about your experience in the Future of Footwear class.
Future of Footwear was one of the best experiences of my life. There was so much information and knowledge to absorb every second, from D’Wayne Edwards to every person who stepped into PENSOLE. It was inspiring to have these amazing individuals helping in the class and with our projects. It made me want to work my hardest and and strive to produce better work.

As part of the class, you where selected to attend the Platform trade show in Las Vegas, what was that like?
Wow! At the Trade show there were shoes and materials as far as the eye can see, it was crazy. It was a great experience to present my project to professionals in the industry and meet new people.

You where selected as the winner of the Future of Footwear in the Skate shoe category.  Can you tell us about your design?’
“The Rebar” Is high top performance skateboard shoe, I designed with ankle protection in mind. The main inspiration for this shoe is  the way skateboarders make pools and DIY skate spots. First they stack ruble or carve earth to the shape of the desired obstacle, Then they bend and lay down rebar to support the form and poor concrete to hold it all together and provide a flowing surface to skate on. I took that concept and and applied it to my design. The embossed underlay is the support like the rebar. The suede is like the smooth flowing concrete, the uninterrupted surface the skateboard comes in contact with. With no seams to blow out in high abrasion areas and attention to the movement of the foot the “Rebar” is a true performance skateboard shoe.

At the Platform trade show, you where presented with a pullover of your design.  What was it like to see a pullover of your design for the first time?
To see the first sample was the coolest thing ever, the shock still hasn’t worn off! My design sewn together and attached to a sole that I designed for skateboarding. When I was a kid I thought the only way to influence a skateboard shoe was to become a pro skateboarder. but now I have a sample of a skate shoe I design with my name on it. Its a dream come true.

What have you been up to over the last 8 months, since I saw you in Las Vegas for the FoF 2012?
Working on many new projects, skateboarding, and exploring the world around me.

What advice do you have for designers looking to be apart of the Future of Footwear class of 2013?
Do “your” best.

Jared, it was good catching up.  Thank your for taking the time.

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Future of Footwear 2012 Lifestyle Winner: Jonning Chng

This week we have part 2 of our 5 weeks series, catching up with the 2012 Future of Footwear winners.  By now many of you are hard at work on your PENSOLE: 2013 Future of Footwear submissions, but you will not want to miss as we catch up with Jonning Chng.  Jonning’s Sneaker Freaker design earned him Future of Footwear in the Lifestyle category.

Did you have any background in footwear prior to the Future of Footwear class?
I have a background in Industrial design, and am a sucker for sneakers.  By marrying the 2 things I love to do, I developed a passion in footwear design.  Prior to FoF class, I had been working closely with a local sneaker store designing collaborative SMU releases.

What was the Future of Footwear class like?
My experience in the FoF class was great! The level of creativity in the class was just amazing, and to be able to interact with like-minded people that share similar passion enhances the whole learning experience.  The main take away for me was the friends I’ve made in the short time with we’ve spent as a class.

As part of the class, you where selected to attend the Platform trade show in Las Vegas, what was that like?
It was definitely an eye opener as it was also the first time for me to be in Vegas.  At the trade show we showcased our projects to the public.  It was a great platform to receive feedback from professionals and to gauge ourselves against the industry standards.

You where selected as the winner of the Future of Footwear in the Lifestyle category.  Can you tell us about your design?
I was designing a spring/summer lifestyle shoe for Sneaker Freaker, which is to be inspired by the adidas ZX running range of products.  One of the first things I did was get in touch with Woody, the founder of Sneaker Freaker.  His all time favourite ZX model was the ZX8000 that was a 90s classic.  The fact that Woody liked everything about the original design was quite a challenge for me – I didn’t want to be seen as the one to spoil such a classic design.  So I decided that I want to retain the classic running shoe aesthetics, while exploring into using high performance and ‘futuristic’ materials and finishing.

I drew aesthetic hints inspired from iconic architectural structures in Melbourne, Australia (where Sneaker Freaker is based at). The design tells a story of high breathability with mesh webbing on the vamp and quarter panels – suitable for those warm summer days.  Overlaying the mesh is Bone White 3M reflective leather.  The reflective treatment on the upper gives the shoe a ‘surprising’ glow when light shines on them – transforming a classic looking shoe into a head turner.  Under laying the quarter mesh is a midfoot lock down system that is inspired by the Webb Bridge structure.  The glossy white TPU heel counter is a throw back to the original design and seeks design styling from the Plymouth Roadrunner 1972 – Woody’s favorite car.  The toe cap and heel panel flows continuously overlaying the midsole, revealing the centre die-cut detail.  The die-cut midsole reduces material used and allows you to see-thru from the sides, highlighting the essence of airflow and light weightiness.  ‘Icy’ translucent treatment on the outsole gives the shoe a ‘cool’ vibe.  Finally subtle hits of grenadine red accents on the shoe pays tribute to the Sneaker Freaker brand.  I call this shoe CHEECH, the name of Woody’s pet beagle – which is the main inspiration of my color story.

At the Platform trade show, you where presented with a pullover of your design.  What was it like to see a pullover of your design for the first time?
Awesome!  The feeling of seeing, touching, smelling 4 weeks of hard work  in your hands is indescribable.  Though I have had samples made before, this time it felt different.  This time, every detail on the shoe are designed by me.

What have you been up to over the last 8 months, since I saw you in Las Vegas for the FoF 2012?
I’m now designing casual lifestyle shoes for a local company.


What advice do you have for designers looking to be apart of the Future of Footwear class of 2013?
Go for it! And while you’re at it, keep an open mind – be receptive to feedback.  And most importantly enjoy the experience!

Jonning, Thanks for taking the time. 

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Future of Footwear 2012 Athletic Winner: Aric Armon

As I’m sure you have seen we are now taking submissions for PENSOLE: Future of Footwear 2013.  In order to help get your creative juices flowing we decided to reach out to last years winners so that you can hear, straight from them, what FOF is all about.  Over the next 5 weeks we will catch up with each of the winners so that you can see the designs that earned them the title Future of Footwear 2012.

First up is Aric Armon, whose Basketball shoe earned him the Future of Footwear in the Athletic category.

First of all congratulations, it was great meeting you at the FN Platform trade show.  Did you have any footwear background prior to the Future of Footwear class?
I always had an interest in footwear design. At the time I was finishing up my degree in Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and from time to time I would sketch shoes in my notebooks whenever I had extra time. It was always just a fun thing to draw. But the biggest crash course I had in footwear design was in the Adidas Pensole class a few weeks before the Future of Footwear class. That is where I learned the most about the process of designing footwear and realized there is a huge difference between “sketching shoes” and “designing shoes”.

Tell us about your experience in the Future of Footwear class.
That class was one of the best experiences of my life. Being around all of my fellow classmates, who all came from different backgrounds, really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. Everyone there shared the same passion I had and it pushed me to do my best. The truth is I have never worked so hard on a project and not have it feel like work. I really learned a lot about the process, which is really unique to footwear, from ideation to tech packs. There was so much to learn and experience, from D’wayne teaching us about design, to footwear legends like E. Scott coming in and helping us with our projects; I just wanted to soak it all in.

As part of the class, you where selected to attend the Platform trade show in Las Vegas, what was that like?
The trade show was another awesome experience. During the show we casually talked to people walking by about our projects and by about the twentieth time explaining my concept, I had my story down. It was definitely an eye-opener in regards to being able to explain what I had done and doing it in a way that was quick and interesting, which is often the hardest part of presenting any project. I also got to meet a lot of people from the industry which opened up a lot more opportunities for me.

You where selected as the winner of the Future of Footwear in the Athletic shoe category.  Can you tell us about your design?
Yea, I was tasked with creating a basketball shoe for a new company called Drive Nation. So I began my process by thinking about my consumer and what a 14 year old kid would want in a shoe. I remembered being that age and going through those summer growth spurts and what that meant for my shoes. I would grow out of my shoes in literally a couple months so when I bought a new pair, I would buy a shoe that was too big, anticipating that I would grow into it. This obviously led to other issues with blisters because my feet would be sliding around on the inside of my shoes. So I focused on a lockdown fit system for the mid foot which would help to alleviate some of that sliding. After that I decided to build the shoe by only adding what was necessary; a toe box that kept the foot secure in lateral movements, and two heel “wings” to keep your heel locked down to the midsole. I then brought the midsole up around the heel to further resist the ” blowout” which occurs during cuts. Aesthetically I was inspired by the spear, which is what drive nation’s logo was inspired by, so I wanted to create a very angular and chiseled look to the shoe.

At the Platform trade show, you where presented with a pullover.  What was it like to see a pullover of your design for the first time?
I was in awe, It felt like Christmas or like I had just given birth to something. It was a crazy feeling seeing something come from your head and into your hands. I swear my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

What have you been up to over the last 8 months, since I saw you in Las Vegas for the FoF 2012?
Well I finished up my last semester at school and graduated with my degree in Industrial design. A few weeks after graduation I moved up here to Portland to intern as a footwear designer at Adidas. It has been a pretty busy year for me. Congrats

What advice do you have for designers looking to be apart of the Future of Footwear class of 2013?

I would say that if you have a passion for footwear design then there is no reason not to. The class isn’t about who can draw the best, or who has the most experience; It’s truly about who has the passion for it. So regardless of skill level, you should submit something that shows your ability to think from a unique perspective, don’t do anything that is already out there or is expected.

Aric, Thank you for your time.   

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Kickstarting Your Own Footwear

By now I’m sure that you have all heard of  Over the last 2 years we have seen some really cool projects launched as result of the crowd funding king, but did you know that it is also being used, successfully, to launch footwear brands? This could be an interesting option for those of you looking to do your own thing.  Below are a few of our favorites.



“Iguaneye freshoe brings Amazonian foot protection back with a cutting-edge minimal, yet modern, sneaker.”



A new shoe label called YOURS, with casual canvas styles that focus on minimalism, attention to detail, and aesthetics.”



“We got tired of wet, ruined sneakers. So we designed our own. It’s like your hiking boots and dancing shoes had a love child.”




This product did not reach its funding goal but we love the design and the cause that the money was going towards.  Hopefully we can see more like this in the future.



“Indosole’s mission is to salvage discarded tires from landfills and give them new life as footwear.”








Designer From Africa Dreams of Nike


At MESH01 we take a lot of pride having a global community of designers from varied backgrounds.  Nobody represents this better than Cameroonian designer Tousse Emerique AKA Tangou.  Over the last year I have gotten to know Tousse, and never have I met someone with as much drive and work ethic as him.   His story is truly inspiring.

At home drawing.

Tousse Emerique, How did you get into footwear design?

I always loved drawing everything around me, but I was more passionate about cars and shoes.  Footwear was my favorite because in my district there were children from a rich family wearing basketball shoes to play basketball every weekend.  Every evening I would go there to see the sneakers on their feet and then come back home to sketch my own sneakers. On Monday, I would show them to my classmates.

Always drawing even at the market.

One day as I went to see the guys playing basketball, one of them saw me looking at the sneakers on his feet and challenging it to the one I designed.  He came close to me and discovered my sketches, then asked me, “is it you who do this?” As he was a child from rich family, I was afraid.  I got up and I started to run to my house.  He tried to find me and started to convince me that he was liking what I do.  He told me that the thing I do is called design, and said that companies like Fila or Adidas might like my design and produce them. Nike was my favorite, and my love for design became so big, I started putting Nike logo on all shoes I was designing up until secondary school.

How have you utilized the Internet to learn more about design?    

Unable to sell his goods in the street, the market where Tousse works is dangerously perched on top of a collapsing bridge.

I told to my father one day that I would like to work for Nike in the future.  He said that  I need to graduate at school then he will get me to study footwear design someday. Unfortunately he died when I was just 16 years. 6 years later my mother could not pay my school anymore.

I decided to look for a school in footwear design to study and get my graduation to design shoes that I could post to Nike.

Cyber where Tousse gets the internet.

Unfortunately, I noticed there were schools in arts but none in the footwear design field.  My friends told me I will never get to design school because they are only abroad (country of white people) were you can find such a school. They also said I should better give up because it is impossible for people like us to get there for study.

I knew I should find a solution to get to footwear design school, but how?  Then one day walking in the street I saw people working on the computer.  I got in to the cyber and asked to the network man what it was about.  He explained to me everything, and I told him about my wish to find a school and people doing the same thing as me.  He opened a mailbox for me and taught me how to use Internet.  We do have Internet but it is very far from my home so I always have to take a taxi to get there and we have connection problems all the time, but we do with.

Online I discovered Mr Pietro Pellicelli and I wrote him a letter.  He answered me back and started to teach me design.  We have known each other almost 3 years.

Pietro Pellicelli is the first one who started to help me with a book called FOOTWEAR DESIGN GUIDE.  I discovered Mesh01 and posted a letter to look for mentorship and I discovered Mr Nick Huber who helped me improve my skill, and Matt Dealmeida on Core77 who also helped me to improve.

It is true I’m not a professional, yet, but I would like to thank them and all the professionals of Core77 that answered me back.  And thanks the one who created the Internet.

Thank you Tousse.  You are a real inspiration and we can’t wait to see what you design next.

MESH01 July Talent Show

In June we ran the first MESH01 Talent Show so that designers could show off some of their skills through new or existing work.  We where so impressed that we decided to do it again in July.  The timeline was short, but you came through, the work is fantastic.  We wanted to take the chance to show off some of our favorite designs, but you can see all of the designs HERE.


The Flat Pack Footwear by MKatchi

MKatchi really impressed us with her flat pack designed footwear.  These shoes where designed to be affordably produced and shipped flat to aid refugees.  Not only does this shoe accomplish humanitarian needs, we also think it is quite fashionable.  It would be great to see a shoe like this sold in stores with a Tom’s type of model where everyone sold also buys one for charity.  See more images of MKatchi’s Flat Pack Footwear.


Blooming Shoes by Cvejica

Highly decorated Serbian Designer CVejica created this beautiful collection for the Belgrade Fashion week.  The collection was created in cooperation with the Textile Uzice Company, with the goal of demonstrating the usability of their fabric.  We where really impressed by the beautiful use of the pattern on the fabric especially the fun use of flowers that come out of the shoe.  See more images of CVejica’s designs.


Armani Exchange Fashion by Skittles

Once again Skittles shows some of his amazing watch designs.  These watches in particular where designed for the Armani Exchange Fall 2013 Season.  Skittles 3D models are absolutely stunning as are his sketches.  See more images of Skittles  impressive watch designs.


Be sure not to miss August’s Talent Show submissions,  and vote for your favorite.  The Talent Show has been such a success so we will start having one each month.  So if you have a project that you want to show off to the community be sure to register for September’s Talent Show.