Day 12: We Need To Be Critical Of Our Own Designs and Not Be Content With Them

June 8, 2011 by Marc Illan

Some of us thought we were going to class with our final design. We were wrong. D´Wayne told us, “Don’t think you are going to have the final design today.” We need to be critical of our own designs and not be content with them. We might be making changes later in the week when we see the design in 3D.

The day consisted of individual meetings with D’Wayne for the last touches on our designs. The rest of the group enlarged their designs to be consistent with the actual size of men´s, women´s and kids footwear. For the next day we will need to present our design in a light sketch. We were supposed to keep the sketches light, so it will be easier to make changes later on.

We had two guests visiting us during the day as well as Shawn. Matt Halfhill, founder of NiceKicks, came to see the different projects. He specifically came to give feedback for Marcellus, whose project consists of a golfshoe for NiceKicks. After the critique with him, he sat with some of us to learn more about each of our projects and to provide inspiration and new ideas, even for boxing or graphics.

Premium Pete from, the other guest, also came with fresh ideas for our projects. He has been in the industry for many years, and his experience provides us with insight on the sneaker culture. He showed us some resources from his website, that would be able to help us for our projects. He also took some pictures of our projects, so that he could post them on his website and let his readers know what we are doing at PENSOLE.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to keep working on the project… Fins demà!

-Marc Illan